Friday, September 21, 2012

Camping Trips!!

Well, turns out I'm quite the little camper!! It's my new favorite thing. 

Here I am cozied up on the way to the campsite.

Setting up camp

Look at our beautiful view! 

 The sound of the river was so peaceful.

My first rowboat ride! 

Looking on..

Hey, duckies, wanna be friends?

I can see right to the bottom, Dad!

Visiting the lava rocks

Taking in the view

So many places to sniff!

 I loved taking little dips to cool myself off!

What're you doin, Dad?

Relaxing after a long day by the campfire


  1. You are a trooper! What a lucky pup you are to go camping. We really love the spot you are in - it is so beautiful.


  2. You're so brave to climb those rocks.

  3. That rowboat ride looks like a fun time!!!

  4. Wow what a great vacation!

    Loveys Sasha

  5. Dear Charlemagne,

    I LOVE hiking - you are so luck to have had such a great trip with your people!

    I can't believe you still fit on a people-lap. How was the boat ride? I'm not sure I like boats, but my people use the kind called "canoe" and it feels very tippy to me...

    I hope you had a fantastic time!!


  6. Wow, what a great trip! Your campsite was beautiful. I love camping too!


  7. barktastic!!! i love camping and you looked like you had a woofunderful time- wow what a beautiful place- bet you couldn't get everything sniffed in 1000 lifetimes. i would make sure your pack leaders take you back there real soon. and... you're looking rather "dapper" there my friend.