Friday, June 29, 2012


Evening all!!
I just wanted to introduce you to my new best friend, bully sticks.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Friends and Puppy Kindergarten

I was a busy man today. We took a trip to Grandma and Grandpa's  house out in the country. I made buddies with the guys and gals that live there! We had so much fun! Mom said I had to wear my leash  because the doggies are very old and they don't like to be jumped on because it hurts their backs. They are 12 and 13!! So wise.
Anyways, we had a great time. So many good smells and things to see. Of course Mom captured some fun moments!

After our visit, I went to my very first puppy class! I was the youngest one out of 12. Mom says I was the star. The other doggies were really loud and had lots of energy. I just wanted to lay by Mom's feet and watch everyone. All the humans kept telling me how well behaved and smart I was. My parents are very proud of me. :) Can't wait til my next class!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sunshine Award!

ZzzZz just woke up from a nap..

Come again? What did you say?

Oh my gosh!!

Look what I was presented!!

What an honor. Thank you Cobi !!!

1) What is your favorite number?
5, the number of members in my wonderful family!

2) Favorite non alcoholic beverage? 
I love the water in my blue pool!

3) Facebook or Twitter? 
Who's that?

4) What is your favorite passion? 
Chewing on my cow hoof.

5) What is your favorite pattern? 
The Paisley pattern on my blankie.

6) What is your favorite day of the week? 
Any day I get to ride in the car!

7) What is your favorite flower
Cat poop. Mom and Dad think I'm gross.

I would like to pass the Sunshine Award to:  my Aunt Sarah ! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Easy Days

I love to help Mom with the chores!

Afterwards, we take a well deserved break.

I play with my toys while Mom reads her book.

Whaddawe got?

And here's a little derp for you.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sittin' Poolside

We took a trip to the vet today to get a vaccine so I don't get sick! It hurt and I cried but Mom and Dad gave me lots of treats after. =) I love my Zuke's! When we came home, I took a nap while my parents snuck off to the grocery store. When they came back, they told me that there was a surprise waiting for me in the yard. 

I'm listening.

So we walked outside and ...

My very own pool!!! I love it.

It was such a beautiful warm day, I couldn't wait to dip my paws right into that refreshing goodness!

Exhausted after lots of play.

Dad broke out the weed eater while Mom and I lounged in the grass.

My favorite cow hoof.

Lucas soakin' in some sunshine. 

We can't wait for the next summery day to break out the pool! Maybe I'll even convince Lucas to join in the watery fun... 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bed Time!!

My Quiet Time bed was delivered today! I totally dig it.

Yeaa this is nice.

Cow hoof.

I approve.

Mom and I went to visit Dad at work on his lunch break. I met lots of people. My parents said I was a gem and had very good manners. After that, I had an awesome play date with Thor!

The car is becoming one of my new favorite places!

We all went for a nice walk and now it's time to kick back. But not before I get some wrestle time with Dad!

Also, did I mention how fast I'm growing!? Mom and Dad can't believe how much I've changed in just a few short days. Just look at those paws!

Saying goodnight from my toy box!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Busy Bee


I sure was a busy boy this past weekend!! I met my new best friend, Thor, and we romped around like crazy! He even let me play with some of his toys and shared his backyard potty grass with me. ;) 

Mom and Dad gave me my first bath. I was a little distracted but I enjoyed it pretty well. I sure felt good afterwards. 

I was a little chilly after so I went in my crate to dry and warm up a bit in my blankies. 

Clean and fluffy

I felt so handsome that I thought it would be a perfect morning to take my first trip to Petsmart!! 
But not before I helped Mom water the plants. 

and I was accidentally squirted with the hose!! Arf.

And we were off to Petsmart! Boy, did I draw a crowd! I was really friendly with everyone and gave lots of kisses. Mom and Dad signed me up for puppy kindergarten classes and I'm really excited to meet some new friends. I already know sit and down and I'm working on stay so I'll probably be one of the smartest guys there! 

I loved looking at the bazillion toys but Mom and Dad said I could only pick out one, so I chose a red long dog.
I told them that with all of these road trips I'll be going on, I would need a seat belt harness.

That's me sprawled out in the backseat sporting my new gear.

I even got a cow hoof to nosh on!

After we left Petsmart, Mom went to work and Dad and I made a day of it for our first Father's day together! I met my Grandpa J, Grandma C and the kids and we all went to watch a baseball game! I met a very loud chihuahua and his voice hurt my ears. After the game we all barbecued and relaxed and I passed out. 
After Mom was finished with work, we went to see Grandpa S at the fire station so we could meet for the very first time. 

Grandpa loved me!

On the drive home I let myself have a well deserved nap in between Mom and Dad, soakin in the sunshine. 
What a wonderful weekend. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I love Aunt Sarah!!

Today was full of surprises.
My Aunt Sarah came to meet me for the very first time! We got along swimmingly. We had a lot of fun together. She knew I was having a vet visit today so she thought she'd come along to support me. I was kind of nervous to get a thermometer in my derriere. But we all had a good laugh about it on the drive over and I was ready for anything!

She cracks me up.

I ruff you!!

When we walked in, I weighed myself. 

9.8 pounds

 Sounds great to me!

The nice lady gave me a treat to distract from the thermometer. 

All done!! Painless.

The nice lady said that I'm happy and healthy and I should go out into the world and meet new doggies and people!

Mom and Sarah thought I did so well at the vet, that when we got home they took me on my very first walk around the neighborhood!!

Look at me go!

So many smells.

We took a little breather. My little legs get tired fast!

So we headed home and lounged in our front yard.

Cooling off my paw and tongue. 

We all chatted and Aunt Sarah told me all about my new cousin, Thor. He sounds like a real fun guy and I can't wait to meet him. I'm told that he's a Shih Tzu Bichon. I really don't care what he is, I'm just excited to play! 

As always, the day ended with nap time. 

Goodbye, all!