Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Friends and Puppy Kindergarten

I was a busy man today. We took a trip to Grandma and Grandpa's  house out in the country. I made buddies with the guys and gals that live there! We had so much fun! Mom said I had to wear my leash  because the doggies are very old and they don't like to be jumped on because it hurts their backs. They are 12 and 13!! So wise.
Anyways, we had a great time. So many good smells and things to see. Of course Mom captured some fun moments!

After our visit, I went to my very first puppy class! I was the youngest one out of 12. Mom says I was the star. The other doggies were really loud and had lots of energy. I just wanted to lay by Mom's feet and watch everyone. All the humans kept telling me how well behaved and smart I was. My parents are very proud of me. :) Can't wait til my next class!


  1. Dear Charlemagne,

    You look very small in those pictures compared to the Big Dogs. But do not worry, you will grow!

    My person sometimes goes by the name Trainer, which is when she leaves me to go play with lots of puppies or big dogs. She tells me that being able to relax in puppy kindergarten is really impressive, especially with so many other puppies! She says you're going to be an awesome dog as you grow up.

    But I already knew that just from your pictures.

    Licks and wags,

  2. I appreciate you and your person saying such nice things about me!
    Mom says my legs are already growing! She says I better slow down cus I keep slipping and falling all over the place. :)