Monday, June 18, 2012

Busy Bee


I sure was a busy boy this past weekend!! I met my new best friend, Thor, and we romped around like crazy! He even let me play with some of his toys and shared his backyard potty grass with me. ;) 

Mom and Dad gave me my first bath. I was a little distracted but I enjoyed it pretty well. I sure felt good afterwards. 

I was a little chilly after so I went in my crate to dry and warm up a bit in my blankies. 

Clean and fluffy

I felt so handsome that I thought it would be a perfect morning to take my first trip to Petsmart!! 
But not before I helped Mom water the plants. 

and I was accidentally squirted with the hose!! Arf.

And we were off to Petsmart! Boy, did I draw a crowd! I was really friendly with everyone and gave lots of kisses. Mom and Dad signed me up for puppy kindergarten classes and I'm really excited to meet some new friends. I already know sit and down and I'm working on stay so I'll probably be one of the smartest guys there! 

I loved looking at the bazillion toys but Mom and Dad said I could only pick out one, so I chose a red long dog.
I told them that with all of these road trips I'll be going on, I would need a seat belt harness.

That's me sprawled out in the backseat sporting my new gear.

I even got a cow hoof to nosh on!

After we left Petsmart, Mom went to work and Dad and I made a day of it for our first Father's day together! I met my Grandpa J, Grandma C and the kids and we all went to watch a baseball game! I met a very loud chihuahua and his voice hurt my ears. After the game we all barbecued and relaxed and I passed out. 
After Mom was finished with work, we went to see Grandpa S at the fire station so we could meet for the very first time. 

Grandpa loved me!

On the drive home I let myself have a well deserved nap in between Mom and Dad, soakin in the sunshine. 
What a wonderful weekend. 

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