Thursday, June 14, 2012

I love Aunt Sarah!!

Today was full of surprises.
My Aunt Sarah came to meet me for the very first time! We got along swimmingly. We had a lot of fun together. She knew I was having a vet visit today so she thought she'd come along to support me. I was kind of nervous to get a thermometer in my derriere. But we all had a good laugh about it on the drive over and I was ready for anything!

She cracks me up.

I ruff you!!

When we walked in, I weighed myself. 

9.8 pounds

 Sounds great to me!

The nice lady gave me a treat to distract from the thermometer. 

All done!! Painless.

The nice lady said that I'm happy and healthy and I should go out into the world and meet new doggies and people!

Mom and Sarah thought I did so well at the vet, that when we got home they took me on my very first walk around the neighborhood!!

Look at me go!

So many smells.

We took a little breather. My little legs get tired fast!

So we headed home and lounged in our front yard.

Cooling off my paw and tongue. 

We all chatted and Aunt Sarah told me all about my new cousin, Thor. He sounds like a real fun guy and I can't wait to meet him. I'm told that he's a Shih Tzu Bichon. I really don't care what he is, I'm just excited to play! 

As always, the day ended with nap time. 

Goodbye, all!

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  1. Aww what an honor! He is such a sweetie. I cannot wait for him and Thor to meet!!