Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bed Time!!

My Quiet Time bed was delivered today! I totally dig it.

Yeaa this is nice.

Cow hoof.

I approve.

Mom and I went to visit Dad at work on his lunch break. I met lots of people. My parents said I was a gem and had very good manners. After that, I had an awesome play date with Thor!

The car is becoming one of my new favorite places!

We all went for a nice walk and now it's time to kick back. But not before I get some wrestle time with Dad!

Also, did I mention how fast I'm growing!? Mom and Dad can't believe how much I've changed in just a few short days. Just look at those paws!

Saying goodnight from my toy box!


  1. hahaha he's killing me in the toy box, so sweet! I cannot wait until he's bigger than that jerk thor!!

  2. Isn't he the worst!? A big fluffy bed right next to him and he chooses a tiny plastic box. :)